Constipation Tool Box For IBS!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Diet Plans and lifestyle modifications

Constipation is a common issue affecting over half of those living with IBS. Lifestyle modifications or changes in diet can improve constipation.

The following dietary tips are used in my practice and have found helpful to support those suffering from constipation:


If you are often constipated, ensure to keep hydrated, especially during hot weather or heavy exercise. Drink ample fluids at mealtimes and during activities like work or school.

Be mindful that water isn’t a laxative. Water, alone, will not move the bowls! Unless you’ve been directed by a medical professional to do so, drinking an excessive or uncomfortable amount of water won’t help your elimination regimen.

Drinking a cup of hot beverage to start your day can help stimulate bowl contractions that are the most intense in the morning.

Caffeinated liquids can worsen your symptoms through dehydration (they are diuretic and make you pee a lot). Nevertheless, in certain cases, I encourage individuals to have a caffeinated beverage in the morning as this may stimulate bowel contraction.

Eat consistently

Eating consistently stimulates gut movements that can relieve constipation. In this case, the adage “eat three square meals a day” is advisable as opposed to skipping meals or going for long periods without eating.

Cut down fermentable carbohydrates