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IBS Relief Group Program

A 14-week group initiative crafted to assist you in navigating IBS, fostering freedom, and seeking relief from its symptoms.

Hugging a Pillow

Are you familiar with the frustration of endless online searches yielding conflicting advice? Have you spent considerable time and money navigating a maze of doctor appointments, tests, and restrictive diets without finding tangible relief for your IBS symptoms? If this sounds all too familiar, you're not alone.

Here's a snapshot of the challenges you might be facing:

  • Wasting precious hours navigating conflicting online recommendations.

  • Engaging in a cycle of doctor appointments and tests that yield elusive solutions.

  • Canceling plans due to IBS flare-ups, affecting your social life and relationships.

  • Navigating a constant fear of triggering symptoms in various situations.

  • Investing in unreliable tests, supplements, and restrictive diets with uncertain outcomes.

If you resonate with these challenges, it's time to break free. Choose IBS Liberation NOW and empower yourself to understand your body, identify symptom causes, and become a master in managing your IBS effectively.

Let me be your guide, leading you step-by-step to reclaim your life from the grasp of IBS.

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Living with IBS is not merely a mental challenge.


Despite visits to doctors, numerous tests, and trying various supplements, your IBS symptoms persist.


Even after eliminating foods like gluten, dairy, grains, and sugar, anxiety around food lingers.


The regular bouts of IBS bloating, gas, pain, constipation, and diarrhea disrupt your plans, forcing cancellations of events, dates, travel, and even work commitments.

You've experimented with different diets, including the Low FODMAP diet for IBS, but success remains elusive.


Perhaps you've been told it's "just IBS" or that "it's all in your head," yet your symptoms put your life on hold.

You're not alone in this journey

There is a way to break free and find relief from IBS, even if you've explored every option before.

What does the IBS Freedom Group Program entail?

The IBS Freedom Group Program is a 14-week small group initiative designed for individuals diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or those advised to follow the Low FODMAP diet for IBS.

This program, grounded in scientific research, embraces a 3-Step holistic approach, incorporating dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Its goal is to effectively manage IBS and provide participants with the tools to find freedom and relief from IBS symptoms.

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This program is your personalized roadmap, offering step-by-step guidance, one-on-one support, engaging group calls, and regular check-ins. It's all geared towards helping you pinpoint your unique IBS triggers, equipping you with the skills to manage your symptoms, and providing rapid relief from IBS.

Let me walk you through the nitty-gritty:

What's Covered in the IBS Freedom Group Program:

📚 Zahra's Wholistic IBS Freedom Course
📞 2 Personal Sessions with Zahra, Your Wholistic GI Dietitian
👥 12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
💩 Weekly Food, Poop, & Symptom Review
💬 Group Chat & Support from Zahra and the IBS Community

IBS Relief Blueprint
Your Path to Digestive Harmony and Well-being"


Understanding Gut Health & IBS Essentials​

Grasping the nuances of regular gut function and accurately identifying your specific IBS subtype plays a pivotal role in uncovering the root cause of your IBS.

In this module, we'll cover:

  • Defining normal digestion

  • Understanding IBS

  • Identifying your specific IBS subtype

  • Pinpointing issues in your digestion

  • Formulating a forward-thinking plan


Delving Deeper into FODMAPs

Comprehensive resources for successful Low FODMAP implementation

In this module, we'll cover:

• Step-by-step Low FODMAP Diet Implementation

• FODMAPs Guide

• Shopping Tips, Meal Plans, Recipes, and Swap List

• Identifying High FODMAP Ingredients on Food Labels

• Low FODMAP Fiber Worksheet

• Dining-Out Confidence Cheatsheet

Establishing the Foundations of Gut Health

Engage in weekly challenges to optimize your gut and attain enduring symptom relief.

In this module, we'll cover:

  • Discover evidence-based strategies for alleviating urgent bowel movements, a sluggish gut, or distressing bloating.

  • Establish foundational support for your gut

  • Cultivate a healthy gut microbiome with straightforward and effective strategies

  • Enhance dietary habits to further support your gut's healing process

Crafting a Lifestyle for IBS Well-being

IBS is characterized by disruptions in the gut-brain axis, highlighting the intricate connection between the digestive system and the brain.

In this module, we'll cover:

  • Identify non-food related IBS triggers

  • Activate your gut-brain axis

  • Select the right exercise for your needs 

  • Address mindsets, manage stress, and enhance sleep quality

  • Manage your IBS wholistically

Navigating FODMAP Re-Introduction

In this segment, you'll navigate the reintroduction process for all FODMAP groups and subgroups to pinpoint your specific IBS trigger foods.

In this module, we'll cover:

  • A systematic, step-by-step FODMAP Challenge protocol

  • Comprehensive insights into each FODMAP group and the associated symptoms

  • A FODMAP reintroduction schedule & tracker, facilitating the identification of triggers and assessing tolerance for each IBD trigger food.

Sustaining Long-Term Gut Health

Having identified your unique triggers, it's now opportune to devise plans for the future, ensuring you can approach travel, holidays, and significant life events with ease.

In this module, we'll cover:

  • Understanding your food tolerance to establish a sustainable long-term diet

  • Crafting personalized plans for upcoming life events

  • Broadening your diet without apprehension

  • Gaining mastery over your gut and fostering regular bowel habits

Transformative Stories of Previous IBS Warriors

Before working with Zahra, I battled constant bloating, unpredictable bowel movements, and the anxiety of not knowing which foods triggered my IBS. With the personalized guidance of my dietitian, I not only identified my specific triggers but also learned how to create a sustainable, gut-friendly diet. Now, I enjoy a life free from the shackles of IBS, confidently navigating social events and savoring a varied diet without anxiety.

I wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone seeking lasting relief.

Sarah H. 28

Meet Zahra, Your IBS Dietitian

 I'm Zahra, your dedicated guide and ally in conquering the challenges of IBS. With a passion for empowering individuals aged 21-70, I bring a holistic and personalized approach to gut health. Picture a life where you no longer feel controlled by unpredictable symptoms. That's the vision I strive to make a reality for you. Through a tailored low FODMAP diet and a comprehensive gut health strategy, I aim to pave the way for a future where you can savor every moment without the worry of IBS holding you back. Together, we'll unravel the complexities of your unique digestive system, giving you the tools and knowledge to reclaim control and experience the freedom you deserve.

Your journey to gut health is not just a path to symptom relief; it's a transformative experience designed to nurture your overall well-being. As your Gut Loving Dietitian, I am committed to providing unwavering support, valuable insights, and a roadmap to lasting freedom from IBS.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, centered entirely on empowering you along your path to digestive well-being.

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