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Your Ultimate Guide to Re-introducing FODMAPs!


As you continue your low FODMAP diet journey, it's important for you to be informed and educated on the most critical phase of the diet: The challenge/reintroduction Phase. The reintroduction phase will assist you in improving your quality of life and managing the dreadful symptoms of IBS.

We have designed this eBook to guide you through the challenge phase and teach you how to personalize your challenges to fit your specific needs. Topics like: How to challenge, what foods & portions to use, how to interpret your challenges, and how reintroduction keeps your gut happy are all extensively covered. Each group within the "FODMAP" mnemonic is thoughtfully explained to provide insight into their physical properties and ideas regarding how to bring them back to your diet safely.

Learn how to challenge FODMAPs so that you are in charge of your symptoms instead of them being in charge of you! Pinpoint your triggers & reclaim your life!


Contents of this eBook


Understanding IBS

What is Rechallenging

Why do you have to rechallenge?

What is fibre?

The importance of dietary fibres in IBS

High Fibre, Low FODMAP

Rechallenging step by step Guide

Best time to start

Rechallenging process

Timing of your symptoms

Challenges each group of FODMAPs



Importance of Calcium

Low FODMAP milk guide



What are your thresholds

Practical Tips to rechallenge safely




Re-introducing FODMAPs

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