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For over a decade I have suffered from digestiveissues; at one point I was off coffee, dairy, and wheat. When people asked how I wasdoing I would say, "I am hungry and tired!" A few years ago, a dietician (Not Zahra) suggested that I have IBS and needed to go on a low FODMAP diet. To my delight, it worked and made life a lot more manageable, as I no longer had to organize my day around washroom access. Unfortunately, because of her funding, our appointments were short and I was often left with more questions than answers. I became resigned to the fact that my life was destined to be low FODMAP. When asked to explain my low FODMAP diet to others, especially when invited over for dinner, I would often hear this response to no onions or garlic: "But that is where the magic happens." Upon recommendation, I made an appointment with Zahra to see if there was anything else I could do; I was getting quite tired of this diet and wondered how healthy it was long-term.  My experience with Zahra was so different. I felt listened to and was encouraged by her in-depth questions that went beyond just food; the knowledge she displayed inspired my confidence especially when the internet is full of so many contradictory suggestions. Working with Zahra helped me learn what was best for my body. Her approach also allowed me to feel safe asking and answering awkward questions regarding my body and digestion. To my delight, she informed me that the low FODMAP diet was not a life sentence. She explained how I could begin testing my tolerance too high FODMAP foods. I was impressed with the process she laid out for me to follow. Onions are back on the menu!  I can't recommend her enough and can attest to a night and day difference in how I feel.      Mikel

I am so grateful for what Zahra has given me through our consultations. She is such a source of professional inspiration when it comes to health, diet and sleep habits. She is thoroughly pleasant to talk to and somehow achieves the perfect balance between being a good listener and presenting suggestions based both on up-to-date research as well as experience. She seems to have an inexhaustible abundance of knowledge within her field as well as just being a very empathetic person. Revealing potentially embarrassing habits can at first seem a little daunting, but with Zahra I experienced no shame or embarrassment, instead it was like we cooperatively worked towards positive solutions. She is just a joy to spend time with and she has given me the gentle push, I apparently needed, in order to make some changes. I could and do recommend Zahra to anyone wanting to take a look at their dietary habits or sleep struggles.                                                        




I came to Zahra about a year after baby 3. I was overweight for the first time in my life, feeling exhausted, sleep deprived, and far from my ideal self. Zahra was professional and patient; she dissected my days/nights with a meticulous tracking chart of food intake & timing, exercise, meditation, mood, wake and sleep times, quality of sleep, and more. From there, she discussed options and we decided on slow and steady changes over the next several weeks. We did initial bloodwork and she went above and beyond, crafting a respectful & professional letter to my family doctor requesting additional blood work. Every interaction was encouraging and she respected my pace and ability to take on new directives/changes given the realities of my day-to-day situation with a busy family of young kids. I would recommend Zahra in a heartbeat. It was an absolute pleasure to be her client. I’ll be back post baby 4!




My consultation with Zahra was so informative! I really appreciate her depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to health and the body. Over the years, I have been under the care of many health professionals and I really appreciate Zahra’s approach of uncovering the root causes rather than just treating symptoms. She was able to give me more insight and encouraged me to explore different avenues when it came to addressing some of the hormonal concerns I had. I would highly recommend Zahra! Her knowledge was a breath of fresh air and I really respect her approach to optimizing health!



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